About Us

Inspiration's everywhere

I live in the Vale of York, in a village of fewer than 500 residents and as my middle boy will happily tell you, we don't even have a poke-stop.


I often say I have 5 kids, my oldest I met when we were both 18 and we've been married almost 22 years now. Between us, we have raised our daughter and three sons. 

Our greatest love in life is our beagles, we've had dogs all our lives, but only had beagles for the last two and half years. They very quickly became our favourite breed.

 Living so close to York is like spending half of life in the past. Old mismatched and rickety buildings, they type you see in films like Harry Potter(TM) is where I buy my kid's school uniform  or meet friends for coffee. 

Leaving the city in any direction, within minutes, you're in open countryside and often heading towards another ancient site. 

Why I write

After I finished my degree and my health was deteriorating, I knew working full time was quickly becoming beyond my abilities. 

I started dreaming of people and places, the characters would stay with me and I quickly developed their world. 

A friend suggested I write their story, at last something I could do that wouldn't be restricted by my health, or so I thought. 

After finishing my first draft, I was still in what I call the experimental drug stage and slipping deeper and deeper into depression, mostly caused by the various drugs I was taking. 

Fast forward almost two years and I started fighting back, 

Now I have new daily physiotherapy, new medications, motivation and a positivity to life I didn't even know I'd lost, I'm pouring that into my family and my writing again. 

I'm always going to have health problems, both physical and mental health but I hope it will make me a better more sympathetic author. 

About Writing

I'm what I would call a pants plotter. I like to have an idea of where the story is going and the arc it needs to follow. Other than that its fingers on keys and see where the characters lead me.

But saying that, where they lead isn't always as important as who they are and how they treat the people around them on their journey. 

Whatever the genre, even my personal favourite Paranormal, Fantasy and Urban Fantasy or if you want characters who travel the stars and distant planets, or perhaps live in ancient civilisations long forgotten in today's modern world. 

They are all part of a community, and communities have a mix of character types. You will often find a mix of social-economic classes, although I have managed to squash this in my world, there is still a class system in regards family name and prominence to certain historical events. This can't be avoided, some people like to feel more important than others simply because of their birth and will find a way to do so. 

Outside of a class system regardless of how prominent, or even within each class and possibly with different consequences, you will find other 'types' of character.   

You have the daddy's girl who has never wanted for anything and has no clue what the real world is like. 

The single parent and their child/ren, knowing what long working hours and little food both feel like. 

You could have a child career or a disabled child, is the disability physical or mental? Do they have extra help from extended family or is it just child and parent, whichever one has which role. 

You have heterosexual characters and GBLTQ characters, are they open about their sexuality and how well is it accepted by their family/community. 

Don't fall into the trap that only a GBLTQ character would have problems 'coming out' a child growing up in a community where heterosexuality is the minority, would probably feel as isolated as anyone in the reverse situation.