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 Meeting a true mate has become a less and less frequent thing in the last few decades. But those who do or those who decide to marry the one they love, usually have time to get to know each other. 

For Tahra and Wyn, things don't work quite like that. After finding a group of babes caged in caves near the gateway to the human world, Wyn and Tahra meet shortly after the clans come together to make plans. 

It quickly becomes clear the young Lynx is in as much danger as the rescued babes, leaving Wyn and his Alpha little choice but to offer her the mating ceremony to bring her into the Wolfpack.


Deep in the forests of the world are the hidden gateways to magical pokets. Worlds of safety for the magical creatures who can no longer live in the human world. Created by gods and goddess, who for most live only in the myths and legends of history. 

North of the City of York, the great Dalby Forest hides the entrance to the oldest Poket. Built by the Goddess Bridgid and Dana, when the Roman army threatened both their peoples. 

Soon a second Poket was built for the outcast and half-blooded Fae, but after years of isolation, it's location was lost. The world is now covered Pokets, hidden in plain sight and protected by a mix of humans who know nothing of the reality they are protecting and the magical creatures who live there. 

Always willing to teach humans the art of forestry or any other environmental protection skill, we lost centuries ago.


Tahra and Wyn have as many questions about the past to answer as they do about the present and somehow the two are connected. 

All while getting to know each other, with the added complication of a mate bond already linking them on a soul deep level.

Can the young couple find out who took babes from their beds, what evil they are planning and what that has to do with Tahra's past.  

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