Hollie Glover

What I'm Writing


Britannia, land of magic and mystery, ancient home to forgotten clans and the goddesses they worshipped. 

Threatened by the armies of Rome, the goddesses knew their people would be lost. 

Binding their magic, the goddesses created new land, deep in the forest, hidden in a poket of magic. Protection from the humans who hunt them for the magic in their souls. 

Much has changed in the two thousand years since the poket was first built, war ravaged the clans and contact with other magical races, either lost or forgotten. Ruled by the peace council, the alpha, beta and elder of each of the six clans, headed by the elder council leader. The clans have been at peace for over two centuries, since the great seer, rallied the females of all the clans, in the midwinter snows. To leave their homes and dance together in rags around a single fire, only agreeing to stop when their men agreed no more war. 


Wyn lives to care for his wolf pack in the poket. When his people are threatened by unknown magics, Wyn soon realises evil is at work with a heartbreaking discovery. 

Having grown up an outcast in the poket’s lynx pride, Tahra quickly sees the link between her past and the rescued babes. Someone wants them all and Tahra’s keeper, looks happy to help catch them.


Things are changing in the pokets, there is a new threat, not just to the clans, but to all the magical races. 

Hidden in a cold damp cave and guarded by humans with the scent of magic everywhere, is a bear chained to cages holding babes almost too young to shift, their tiny hands tied together. 

An ancient evil, hidden in plain sight for centuries, plotting and planning to cause the downfall of the pokets and the goddesses who forged them. 

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