What I’m working on

Wyn and his friends have earned a well deserved day out in the city. When the voice of his  long-dead brother, sends them home. Living in a secret poket apart from the human world a magical shifter descendants of the Brigante Clans of old North of England. Forging a note for school and heading back to their poket, it isn’t long before the friends find themselves in the middle of a cave rescue and a long secret walk to safety.

Tahra has always been kept away from the rest of her pride, her alpha female says it’s to keep the darkness that shadows her from hurting anyone else after it killed both her parents. Honing her skills in avoiding the darkness, she also uses them to help the other females to avoid their volatile alpha-female.

When Tahra literally runs into Wyn, their worlds collide, causing ripples through not only their poket, across the whole Celtic pantheon and into the human world. Wyn and Tahra soon find themselves collecting new friends and chasing the untraditional evil fairy grandfather.

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