I’ve called this page about us because although I write alone it is the only thing I do alone. So really this page is not only about me, your author, it is also about my family, friends and pets. Believe me when you have beagles they play an important part in everything. At least they think they do.

Daisy and Harry @Daisy_Harry_uk for anyone interested are spoilt by everyone, Daisy is very pretty and has a drawer full of bandanas and bows. While Harry even though he is nearly three is still a baby, he flops his ears forward and looks just like a puppy add a bow tie and he is the ultimate K9 blackmail.

Daisy and Harry have lots of beagle friends and Daddy Glover often takes them to beagle play parties with ten or twenty other beagles, but their best friend in the whole world is my five-year-old grandson and the youngest member of our family.

Now you know about the most important members of the family a little about the rest of us. We live in the Vale of York, we have four children and I’ve already told you about our grandson. I am doing a master’s degree in creative writing at York St John Universtiy, which means even at my age I still have to do homework.