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August 1, 2016 hollie8985 What's happening in my lifeWriting Adventures

I’ve known for a while, something was, not right with my manuscript. I had edited and read, reread, I’d added and changed the atmosphere as well as descriptions and inner thoughts of the characters. It didn’t matter what I did, I couldn’t get that sparkle, my characters just felt wrong.

So, I walked away for a few weeks, started writing something else and left everything alone for a while. When I picked up the manuscript again, I sent it to my e-reader so I wouldn’t be tempted to make changes and have the opportunity to read it as a complete story.  I’ve always known changing fonts, background and font sizes can be a huge help when editing, I didn’t know hoe much changing reading formats would have.

I knew within a few pages what the biggest problem was, voice. My voice is, I think. I hope. More Young Adult, than adult romance, so I started to play with a YA version of Tahra and Wyn. Suddenly Tahra sparkled, she came alive, I know who she is, what she wants and fears. Wyn became a whole person with strengths he doesn’t yet see and leadership skills he thinks are more hassle than they are worth.

I tried to follow the same story for Finding Tahra YA as my previous draft, and although now as teenagers the friends need to follow a similar path to fulfill the series story arc, they are forging a new trail through the forest.

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