Brexit, good or bad and does it matter?

June 25, 2016 hollie8985 In my opinion

I’m not usually one to discuss politics in public, I believe it’s a conversation for two situations. Either passing comment in public, “did you see the news? So and so did/said this” or in private between trusted friends and family. I say, trusted because in far too many cases differences in political opinions can ruin a healthy relationship. There is a saying here in Yorkshire. It doesn’t matter who you vote for son, the government always wins. Don’t let a difference of opinion spoil a good thing, you wouldn’t over other subjects.

It’s this difference of opinion, especially after the result, that has upset me most with the Brexit result. There are many positives and negatives on both sides of the equation, and there are many brilliant people who have backed both camps. To stay in the EU, we retained the staus-quo we have known for the last four decades. To leave, we can take the things we have learnt, the good and the bad and use them to make us an individual but active part of the world as a whole.

There are arguments that this person or that didn’t make the points clear, that the voting public didn’t understand what it was voting for. The news has a whole string of people stating that remain voters have been stupid and ignorant. Many of our young people feel that their futures have been ripped away from them.

While I understand that emotions run high, they have grown up in a multi-cultural society with the knowledge that can live and work anywhere in Europe. In fact, most people can live and work almost anywhere in the world. The procedure may be different, it may not be an automatic entitlement, but it is possible. It also opens up the possibility for us to employ higher skilled workers, people who until now would have been put aside because of an EU job application, will be able to have an equal footing in applying for skilled UK positions. Nothing has been decided between the UK and any of the EU countries, or non-EU countries for that matter. We don’t know what will or won’t be allowed. Don’t borrow tomorrow’s problems today. Today we still have children to feed, dogs to walk and lives to live.

But whatever your thoughts and feelings before the vote, the die has been cast. We are leaving the EU, we are British, we have been independent before, we can be again. We will be again. It is time for us to come back together, we have aired our differences. Those who wanted to vote did, we have chosen a direction. Let us show the world that Britain is as great, as it has always been, that we make our decisions, we act on them with surety and conviction. We are not a group of school children pointing fingers.


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