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May 23, 2016 hollie8985 Writing A JigsawWriting Adventures

I’ve known for years that when you edit your own work, it’s a good idea to make it look different. When you read the same words repeatedly, sometimes just once or twice, you stop seeing the words and your brain reads what it thinks should be there. It auto-reads, which is great if you’re making a verbal pitch and there is an error, but when it comes to keeping things visual your jigsaw will still look a mess to others.

When I was doing my degree, I advised anyone who would listen to change their font style and size before re-reading assignments. The difference stops your brain being able to auto read, although the words are the same, it looks different, and the chance can be enough to make a difference.

I say can be because last week I sent my content edited copy of Finding Tahra to my Kindle, simply because it would allow me to read it all without getting distracted correcting typos.

What I found has shocked me, an ebook reader is often a much smaller screen than a PC or laptop. I, always us a larger font size for reading than typing because it’s easier on my eyes at the end of the day.  The combination of the two things has made such a difference, even to the opening chapters that have had extra work for contests.

I have found areas where I can tighten my writing. I’ve begun to question if I should make some changes to write YA or NA, reading on Kindle, my voice seems to lean in those directions. Which is also something I’m surprised about, I hadn’t considered writing for younger age groups. I’m not against the idea, I just hadn’t considered it.

Going forward I think, I need to finish my full read-through, go back and work on tightening where it’s needed. Then look at some professional advice about voice.

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