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May 10, 2016 hollie8985 What's happening in my life

2016-02-27 19_FotorWhen you first met Daisy in December she was an underweight, withdrawn, scared little beagle.

Now four months later Daisy, affectionately named Dinky is developing into the most rewarding dog we have ever owned. Don’t get me wrong we have loved all our puppies, and they have all brought something individual to our family. 2016-05-10 12_Fotor_1There is just something special about Dinky. I think it is partly her personality, part beagle, they are such a cheeky breed, but some of it comes from her being a rescue dog.

Beagles are a British hound breed, originally used for hunting rabbits, they even have a white tip on their tails so they can be spotted in a field. They are very intelligent little dogs, and this can get them into quite a lot of mischief and make training, a work in patience. They make a wonderful family pet, but only if you have the time and experience to care for one. They are not a dog for new owners, although I don’t believe a beagle would become aggressive,  they would just run rings around you while looking cute and adorable. Always looking for something to beagle, this breed is always doing something. 2016-04-27 08_Fotor


Beagles are also very vocal little hounds, Dinky is learning how to ‘aroo’ but she does have most of the other sounds mastered. She talks to us, her toys, our other dog, even the TV and she answers back when she is told off. She is so cute, it makes it difficult not to smile at her when I should be strict. Then she will give her paw or come for cuddles, she really doesn’t like me not being happy with her.
2016-05-10 12_Fotor While is she now a happy, healthy, inquisitive bundle of fur, we still see signs of her past life. She panics when we leave her, she is getting better, but it takes time. We have spoken to a dog behaviorist and changed her food, as well as spending a small fortune on toys and puzzles. Which she works out far too quickly.

But as with all resuce dogs, before they can be trained the way we want, first you have to untrain what they know from their previous lives. A hard job, but so rewarding and it binds the bonds tighter.

One of Dinky’s favourite hobbies is Instagram, join Daisy and her friends on their four-legged adventures. She has lots of beagle and other doggy friends already, with over one-hundred and fifty followers.

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