What are one (or two) writing projects you want to accomplish this year?

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The biggest project I want to accomplish this year is polishing and finding representation for Finding Tahra.

The polishing stage starts Monday morning so that part should be easy enough to achieve. I need to find critique partners who I can work with comfortably. I’ve been researching and have discovered writing the same genre as someone or even being friends with them doesn’t mean you can work together as critique partners.  They have to understand your work, your characters and where you want your story to go.

You also have to agree on the levels, and types of tension, some people like action packed, non-stop problem-battle-rescue type of stories and that is great. But that isn’t the book I’ve written, so a partner, expecting high tension would be making suggestions that aren’t useful to me personally.

Once completed, I plan to apply to agents if you don’t aim high your never going to get there.  I’ve already started drafting a query in my head, and I think I’m going to take advantage of one of the query services to add some polish when it’s fully written.

While Tahra and Wyn are being sent to the partners, I don’t yet have I’ll start the first draft of my second book. It features Tahra’s sister and no I’m not telling you which one.

I can see two big hurdles to my dreams for 2016. The first being time, I’m going to be asking people to do things, and that takes time. Also, agents are busy people, and you have to expect a few months before receiving any answer from anyone.

The second problem would be my story needing more work, it’s something I am aware of and prepared for, I hope. As this is the first time I’ve done anything more than write a university paper, it would be unrealistic to expect perfection the first time.

Those are my professional goals for the year. My private ones all include helping my children; we have fallen into a busy year.  My eldest takes her first posting; number two is working towards his first promotion while number three is sitting his school exams and the baby is taking his options to choose which exams he will sit.

What goals do you have for the year? Are they big or small?

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6 Responses to “What are one (or two) writing projects you want to accomplish this year?”

  • Hi Hollie, yes, that’s a busy year, but I admire your level of organisation. good luck with it all, Anne Stenhouse

  • Rhobin says:

    Wishing you much luck in finding representation. It is a major hurdle to achieve. Writing and publishing is a strange business, isn’t it?

  • okwriter says:

    I wish you luck with finding critique partners and an agent. Sounds you’ve got a realistic plan in place.

  • Victoria Chatham says:

    Hope you find an agent you can work with. You sound really organized and great that you have a plan. Best of luck with 2916.

  • Skye-writer says:

    Critique partners are so critical to our writing. They see things we are too close to the forest to notice, they know when something is missing or not working. And they help us keep our writing tight. I’ve had a couple great critique partners in the past, but at the moment, I’m like you, searching for the right one.

  • judyinboston says:

    Polishing can actually be fun, because you have a whole manuscript to work with. Be careful not to send your baby out into the world before it’s ready, a mistake many of us make. And a writing group can often put it’s finger of issues the writer will never see. Good luck.

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