During the sometimes hectic holidays do you find it hard to find writing time?

December 19, 2015 hollie8985 Round RobinWhat's happening in my life

Sorry, I am late with this post, it should have gone up first thing this morning, it’s lunchtime and I’m only just writing it. I think that answers the question really.


I usually try and be organised, have everything planned and ready for the start of December. But then I see this in a sale or find that on the internet and all my plans, and budget, go out the window.

I think that is my problem. When I write I use the windows partition and don’t touch the internet, not even to look at email. With good reason, I am far to easily distracted. Email leads to blogs, and Facebook and shopping and pretties and ideas and well that can take hours.

I love Christmas, I whine about my kids all the time, they are pests and a challenge. We raised them that way, we want them pushing boundaries, it’s a careful balance that they know how to push without breaking boundaries and putting themselves in trouble. But when it comes to Christmas, we like to spoil them.

During the actual holidays, I won’t try and write, unless I want a break from the hyperactivity of excited teenagers, or I have a sudden idea, I just have to write NOW. I try and play with the kids, which is so much easier with my younger two. The oldest two children love car racing and spend hours on their phones. The youngest ones like gaming, that I can do. Not well, but I can, I love the lego games, especially the earlier ones. Harry Potter lego is one of the best, followed closely by the Starwars Lego. I also play Final Fantasy XIV. I pretty much like games with a story, not the ooh look,  shoot/steel or any other kind of violence games that are popular with many people today. I’m not totally against violence in games, but when that is all there is to do, I get bored. Each to their own as they say.

What are your plans for the holidays? I will be having a quiet time, playing with the kids and my new puppy. Daisy is a one-year-old Beagle, she is a lovely dog with a wonderful personality. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had the best of times in her first year, when we first saw her, we could count her ribs from feet away, but still she was gentle when it came to me offering her treats. Daisy doesn’t know even basic things, sit, stay, even house training is a work in progress. It has reminded everyone in the family, that however much we think our life is hard, exams, work, disabilities everyone has problems.  But we have food in our bellies and a warm roof over our heads. Not everyone has those luxuries, so while we spend time with our families and spoil our children, remember those less fortunate. If you can give a little something, everything helps, if we all give a small amount then maybe we can make Christmas a little happier for a lot more people this year. 2015-12-10 12.58.06

Don’t forget to go and see what everyone else is getting up to this year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone in the Glover family xxx.

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3 Responses to “During the sometimes hectic holidays do you find it hard to find writing time?”

  • Skye-writer says:

    I guess I still get to write because I no longer have excited kids, teenagers or otherwise. I do have excited grandkids, but not living under the same roof.

  • Rhobin says:

    Kudos to you on adopting Daisy. I managed a shelter for several years long ago. The job was both the epitome of despair for the animals we received, many of which had to be euthanized, and pinnacle of hope for people like you who gave an animal a home.

  • okwriter says:

    Love the picture of Daisy and I’m glad you found her and gave her a loving home. I agree with all the distractions on the internet, all year round, but come Christmas the distractions are compounded. Happy Holidays to you, your family and Daisy.

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