Companies who go the extra mile, thank you Barclaycard

November 26, 2015 hollie8985 In my opinionWhat's happening in my life

I have always felt that customer service is more than worth paying that little bit extra for the peace of mind.

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Today I came home to flowers from Barclaycard because they know I have been ill, and it isn’t a company I pay extra for the service. It’s simply a company who goes that extra mile.

We try and teach the children that it’s the thought that counts, not the amount you spend. The last Round Robin blog was about kindness, and I said then it’s the small things that make the difference. This is a huge difference, and as a customer it makes me feel, that I’m not just another number in line.

In a world, where customer service is less and less important to many companies, the few who do offer that service, deserve all the recognition we can give them.

A big thank you, Barclaycard and all the other companies who still believe customers are worth caring for.

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