Random acts of kindness make a difference.

November 21, 2015 hollie8985 Round Robin

I have known for many years both as a reviewer and organising online events both for and with authors, how kind many of them are. That
, has been multiplied ten-fold since I started to write, and often I don’t have the words needed to say, thank you.

An agent replying to a comment on her blog telling me RWA welcome international authors, when I joined the FF&P chapter the members helped with my website, giving feedback, this worked, that didn’t a full background was too much go back to the header.

Busy people taking time out of their day to help each other, a kind word of encouragement or congratulations, helping someone research a fact or sharing your research, it doesn’t matter, they all bring a smile to the heart. I know if I need a break from writing or the kids, I can head to my inbox and somewhere there will be someone asking for help or advice and a collection of answers to read through. If I can help or not, knowing that I have a group of people who will help if they can, and who welcome my help, is a great feeling, I’m the new kid (I refuse to adult today), but still I’m accepted.

For me, I love helping someone research, an idea or fact, then, there is the wait. What are they doing with it, how are they going to twist it and nurture it, when can I read it? I recently helped an author research an area close to where I live. I know because of what we found, the physical geography of the area, she needs to make some changes. It isn’t an area I know well, but enough that I can recognise major landmarks. I can’t wait to find out how she brings all the facts together and weaves them into her story.

It didn’t take long, to find the information. The phrase two heads are better than one is correct especially on a search engine. Think of any question, then reword it, maybe make it a statement, put both into a search engine and see how many different results and suggestions you get. That’s what happens when you help someone research.

Acts of kindness don’t have to be huge, expensive or time-consuming, small things are as precious, as important. Bring a smile to somebody’s heart, the rewards are amazing.

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