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A large part of working in publishing is facing rejection. When I first started this challenge I thought it was only, authors, who faced rejection, but I’ve found that agents face just as much as authors. I suspect others in the industry do as well.
During October, Jessica Faust, at Bookends Literacy Agency started the beatrejection challenge based on this article and some of us joined her.

The First week was filled with random things like asking my credit card company for a change in rates. It didn’t take me long to realise that these weren’t really a problem, yes they aren’t thing I wouldn’t usually do, but they aren’t things I would usually think of either. I wasn’t worried about the answer so there was no challenge.

For me, it isn’t rejection, or maybe it is, but I’ve always thought of it as not being accepted. That’s where my fear has always been, and that is where I avoid situations. When I first started writing, the only people who knew, were my close family and the friend who suggested I write.

As I doing this challenge, I was also taking a class, which included feedback on parts of manuscripts relating to the class. I originally planned not to do that part and simply gather research information.

But I bit the bullet and sent in the snippets of my writing, I am happy to say there were met kindly, questions were asked and I could answer them.
The class ended with the offer of a free chapter edit, which I also sent to the class tutor. For me these where these were bigger steps and much more helpful steps than asking strangers for random things I don’t really want or need.

I ended the month with a bang. I entered the first 30 pages of my manuscript into a contest. I don’t expect it to do very well, I only had a week to prepare and edit it and nobody to beta read it. But that doesn’t matter. I sent out almost 2 chapters into the world for people to read, something I had considered never doing.

That is why I did this challenge because I was seriously thinking about keeping my writing for me, as a kind of therapy. Something I didn’t have to show anyone, I didn’t have to face not being accepted into the world as an author. So maybe rejection is the right word after all.

Thank you to Jessica Faust and AJ Blythe and as always Rob and the kids for all the support during October.


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