Do you believe in angels, spirits, ghosts, demons?

October 24, 2015 hollie8985 Round Robin

Do you believe in angels, spirits, ghosts, demons or other ethereal beings or locations? What do you think when they appear in stories? Have you used them in your own stories?

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I have always believed in spirits, I’ve never looked to prove this ghost or that exists, I was raised a few miles south of York, ghosts are simply a part of my heritage.

Do I use them in my stories? The answer to that has to be yes, although I can honestly say I didn’t do it consciously. When I looked at the question for this blog and thought about the characters in my story, I realised how easily I turned to the spirits of ancestors, not only for guidance and support but also protection.

The first time Tahra, meets the Great Seer of olde, it’s also a trap. After the clan wars, when finally there was peace between the clans, the seer had seen danger in her small granddaughter’s future. The mate of one of the girl’s son’s would be the herald of a dark time for the clans. Not knowing if this mate was the light to save the clans or the darkness to threaten them. The seer laid a trap, wrapped in power, a clear temptation for anyone of the darker persuasion. Had our heroine been any put the pure soul she is, the trap would not have allowed her the guidance of the olde seer, but would have trapped her in a specific time in the past.

The small granddaughter now a great-grandmother and elder herself, isn’t the only elder with a connection the that great time in the past, when peace was found. Or more precisely forced upon the males, as in anytime of warring, it’s the females who suffer, losing mates, sons and brothers. The women for warring clans worked together to go missing, the only time the clans worked together, if a female or child was lost. They dressed in rags on a dark and snowy winter night, when found, which was ultimately their aim, they danced. When a male moved towards a female of his clan, she moved towards the males of another clan. Until the males were sent away by the leaders and the leaders sat and talked, anything to make the females come home. Lasting days and marking a time of peace still standing today amount the clans, it left a mark on time, an image, that the Great Seer used for her trap.

It’s the same sort of shadow image that happens with ghost trains, only a positive image not a negative one. Talking of ghost trains, has anyone ever seen one? I haven’t seen one, but I did hear one once, smell it, feel it rush by us.

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