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August 29, 2015 hollie8985 In my opinion

I’ve been a reviewing Romance for almost eight years and this is my third year as a judge. They are both jobs I love; they give me the opportunity to focus on what is good about the books I read. Yes, you have to see what doesn’t work and what isn’t right, but you don’t concentrate on that.

The entry rules as I imagine are similar in many others contests are simple. The author of a book enters his or her work into the genre of their book (publishing rules do apply).

The book are judged on their merit in each round, by groups of judges and moved to the next round as required. The finalists and only the finalists are judged against each other.

The problem for me comes when you are judging a book and you know it has been entered into the wrong genre. Many books cross genres so it is allowed that if a book has an element of a genre it is acceptable. However, I have also seen books placed in different genres because author’s think that genre will have less entries and therefore be easier to win.

I’ve heard “He calls her his angel” “the whole town calls her a witch” “the town has a fictional name not a real one, so it’s a fantasy place” “He’s a monster”.Does that make her heaven sent and give her powers? Can the witch turn someone into a frog? No, then they are still human. All the books are fictional, naming a fictional town and then placing it in a real country with that’s countries laws makes it fictional, it doesn’t change your genre to fantasy.

I have a few problems with authors doing this, first your lying to your readers and they won’t like it. Would you want to buy a book, thinking you’re going to get lost in some far away fantasy world, to find the real with a different name?

Second if you don’t believe 150% that your work is the very best it can be, why is it out there? Why aren’t you still working on it making it what it deserves? What YOU deserve?

Whatever that reason is, if you’re competing against 5 or 500, at your local library for a bookmark, or an international contest for a publishing contract. You will be competing with people who have put their heart and soul into their work and believe in it with everything in them. If you can’t match that…




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